Independent of contractors, FinestCon Ltd is the trustee for a Client starting a building project. On behalf of the Client, we take care of construction contracting, supervision and project management tasks of the building project, as well as act as main realizer of the site.

Our services include project management as a whole – from description of requirements and project planning to warranty inspection.

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Project management services include for example:

  • preparing a comprehensive project plan
  • inviting tenders for the project
  • drafting the project planning contracts
  • instructing the project planning together with the Client
  • preparing the procurement plan
  • drafting the general schedule and schedules for construction phases
  • drafting the calls for tenders for subcontracts
  • preparing cost calculations for different design solutions to help the Client in decision-making
  • finding the suitable subcontractors and suppliers for the project and presenting them to the Client
  • inviting tenders for separate subcontract work and material procurement, as well as taking care of the contract negotions needed
  • checking the contracting partners in accordance with the Finnish Act on the Contractor’s Obligations and Liability when Work is Contracted Out
  • comparing the tenders and proposing contractors
  • drafting the subcontract documents
  • monitoring the execution of subcontracts, observance of the contracts and payments traffic
  • acceptance inspections of subcontract work, acquisition of occupancy permit from the authorities and final inspection by the authorities
  • taking care of quality assurance on the construction site


The project has to keep to the schedule, and its costs must stay under control. Also, the building site has to be safe and in good, trustworthy hands. Because, during the project, the Client should be able to concentrate on their own field of expertise, and not be bothered by details of construction work.

With this in mind, we offer You a solution – professional, comprehensive Project management services that are lead openly and responsibly.

FinestCon Ltd takes responsibility for Your project’s construction contracting as well as for the tasks of the site’s main realizer, including occupational safety coordination.

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Projects carried out by FinestCon Ltd during 2011-2016.

In addition to the below mentioned references, the company management has carried out numerous large projects as the main and leading project contractor and in tasks of construction contracting and supervision in Finland, in the Baltic countries and in Russia.

  • Alteration work of the logistics terminal of L-Fashion Group Ltd in Nastola, project management services.
  • Rautakesko Ltd, Rautia K-Maatalous Turku Oriketo, 4 000m², construction contracting.
  • Rautakesko Ltd, Rautia Kaukajärvi, alteration work and extension 6 500m², project management services.
  • Rautakesko Ltd, K-Rauta Iisalmi alteration work and extension 4 000m², project management services.
  • Rautakesko Ltd, K-rauta Rauma alteration work and extension 2 500m², project management services.
  • Rautakesko Ltd, K-rauta Savonlinna new building 6 000m², project management services.
  • Stockmann Ltd, several Lindex fashion retail shops in shopping centers Spice, Alfa, Domina and Centrers Galeria in Riga, Latvia. In total 2400m². Construction contracting and supervision.
  • Stockmann Ltd, Seppälä fashion retail shop in shopping centre Alfa in Riga, Latvia. Construction contracting and supervision.
  • Itella Ltd, extension of logistics terminal, Jyväskylä, 5 000m², supervision.
  • L-Fashion Group Ltd’s head office, Lahti, 13 800m², construction contracting.
  • NREP, Housing construction (85 apartments), Jyväskylä, supervision.
  • K Ltd Satek, Reconstruction of office and education premises, Pori, 2 000m², construction contracting and supervision.
  • ABO Wind Ltd, Wind park Haapajärvi, construction contracting and main realizer of the building site.

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